Prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive analytics is an explanatory advancement in the field of analytics. It helps to enhance decision making and processes better results. In short, it recommends specific actions.

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Descriptive analytics

Descriptive Analytics is the most basic section of Business Intelligence(BI) that does exactly what the term “Descriptive” suggest to “describe” or examining the raw data and make it something that is understood by humans.

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Product Discovery

Be it related to market, financial or to any product feature expectations. We, at AQ4, have our own proven process of Product Discovery that has helped to lessen the excess and fancies of various stakeholders and keep all occupied on describing about the next set of the most applicable, reasonable, suitable and lovable product.

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5 Reasons
why you should use our team

With one of our clients, AQ4 developed an Integration Validation Solution for an Predictive Engine platform that reduced the regression time from 5 days to 4 hours, and thus reduced time to market. Further, we designed an API performance metrics to discover the system's limitations, giving client's product team a clear view on which parts of the core application are potential bottlenecks.

Achieve Business Outcomes

At AQ4, we recognize and appreciate the business drivers of every project that our client is investing in. We engage with business stakeholders too. We focus on your objectives, establish KPI that business needs to measure and help achieve them.

Leverage Deep Tech expertise

Whether it is the user experience in interacting with new age web pages and apps, or AI techniques driving massive automation in several industries, or it is the devops automating the entire life-cycle of IT infrastructure and applications. We help our clients make long term technology decisions and design adaptive software solutions, so that investment is leveraged for years to come.

AQ4 engaged with a US based legal-tech in the conception stage of the product. We appreciated that technology is not just a tool for client's business but its basis itself. Months before we wrote the first line of the code, we collaborated with the client to crystallize the solution components, identify the appropriate technologies and designed an architecture such that the product can adapt to changing requirements and strategic technology decisions during its evolution.

Manage deliveries In Budget

Money saved is money earned! Software development by its very nature is unpredictable and often suffers from cost overruns. At AQ4, we believe (and witnessed with broken hearts) that money is wasted due to poor elicitation of requirements, prioritization, and short sighted technology decisions. Therefore, we believe that the right way to deliver is by being iterative, deploying the right talent on the projects, fail fast and make corrections. We also continuously invest in training our work force with new tools and technology which makes them pick new projects with ease and improve their productivity.

When we were approached by a new age healthcare start up to build a platform to go to market fast and under a small budget, we took 'Most Viable Product' approach to build a working product complete with payment transactions. The fully functional MVP application was delivered in 4 weeks that successfully validated the idea and execution.

Engage a Team you will love

Its about being obsessed with success. When you hire AQ4, you work with a team that is competent and professional. This is a team whose leaders recognize that great work happens with highly capable and motivated teams, and where every member imbibes the spirit of team work and collaboration.

Have a Reliable Partner for technology

At AQ4, we understand that building and operating world class software solutions is not a transactional activity, but a continuous endeavor through the implementation cycle and beyond. Software applications need post-implementation support, user training, and continuous attention to advancement in technologies. Operations need meticulous resource planning and incident management. In each of our clients engagements, we take the ownership of making technology work and allow clients focus on their business.

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