Automation Testing

Automation testing is the use of automation tools to write and as well as execute test cases.  One of the best things is no manual involvement is required while executing an automated test suite. Generally, testers write test scripts and test cases via an automation tool and then further they group into test suites. On the whole, the main objective of Automation testing is to upsurge the test efficiency and advance software value.

Automated software testing is significant and required due to the following reasons:

  • Manual Testing of all workflows and all fields with undesirable scenarios is time and money consuming
  • It required much of human efforts to check the multilingual sites.
  • Automation does not necessitate Human intervention. You can run the automated test without your presence(overnight)
  • Automation raises the speed of test being executed
  • Automation aids to rise the Test Coverage
  • Manual Testing can convert uninteresting and hence error-prone.

AQ4 Testing Automation services contain:

  • Automation Assessment, Advisory & Transformation Services
  • Automation Testing Tool with Viability
  • Custom Test Harness Development
  • Automation Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Automation Development of Framework
  • We often use Automation Testing Tools like

Selenium: Selenium is a software testing tool used for Regression Testing. Moreover, it is an open source testing tool that delivers playback and recording ability for Regression Testing. It aids to provide the facility to export recorded script in other languages like Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, etc