“Data is becoming the new raw material of business: an economic input almost on par with capital and labor.”

The Economist, Special Report on Information Management, 2010

With a tsunami of data all around, you need continuous visibility

Customers. Competition. Sales. Inventory. Human Resources. Product Schedule. Distribution. Software Systems, Research. Quality. Productivity. Regulation. Policies.

Building data driven systems is not trivial

Massive volumes, multiple source and system, data quality, Understanding data relevant to business opportunities, Responsive systems that respond to changing data in the eco-system

Outsourced Product Development

At Analytics Quad4, we help clients improve their business outcomes by combining data science and software technologies.

Analytics Quad4 (AQ4) brings together award-winning data scientists, solution architects, business analysts and project managers. We understand both the Technology and the Business side of an enterprise. We have a strong focus on execution – strive to be flawless, is our mantra. We have proven capabilities in end to end Software Solution Development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Text Mining.

To build data driven systems:

We construct analytical framework suited to your business needs.
We understand your data needs, design solution and process appropriately.
Our team has expertise in customized algorithms.
We integrate systems and tools and deliver complete technology solution.

So, it is a journey to get the data and the software right!

Collect the right data, Understand and Curate the data relevant to business, and Build systems that are Interactive and Adaptive

And, make your data talk to you!


We've served a range of industry verticals including Legal Tech, E-commerce, Banking, Government, Retail, Technology, Healthcare and Media.